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30 years in the industry

For a little over 30 years, we at BLANKO have devoted ourselves to providing solutions and production equipment to the different industries in the Consumer Products Sector. We can carry out this task because of the close relationship and cooperation that we establish with our customers and with the companies that we represent.

The starting point is to identify the customers’ needs and objectives, and then to contribute with the knowledge, experience and specialization of each of the companies that we represent, providing their added value to for the fulfillment of the optimum solution for each project.    

The solutions that we provide, either for industrial projects or for the supply of individual machines, are based on our systemic view, and on the work of interdisciplinary teams.

Our mission is to offer simple and efficient solutions, accompanying our customers with a quality service, within a framework of continuous improvement, and in response to their needs and objectives. To achieve this, we research the latest technologies available and we train with the companies that we represent in order to stay competitive and be able to pour this knowledge in each application.

In recent years we have continued with a process of expansion and professionalization of our services, with the goal of providing integral solutions, and also covering the development of engineering and architecture projects for industrial plants.